Girls who draw 2

The second Girls Who Draw postcard book is complete! The book contains 24 lovely postcards on the theme of menagerie by 11 illustrators: Sarah Ray, Gemma Correll, Mary Kilvert, Yee Ting Kuit, Anke Weckmann, Current State, Michelle Turton, Karoline Rerrie, Amy Timms, Ruth Green, and myself. Its been a great little project, and a splendid to work with these tip top folk. A big cheer to Karoline for organising it all!


  1. I received my Girls Who Draw postcard book today. Its fantastic and great to discover your work. Your style is truly lovely! Your bear design is in a frame and on the wall already! :D

  2. Go Miss Bassett! Wooooop- you sneaky tincheroo x