catalogue of cats

A while back I was very kindly asked by the people at Moncho Ediciones to contribute a cat for their new book 'mish mish mish'. The book is a limited edition screen printed collection of cats from illustrators from all over the world. Elwood (pictured above) and myself are chuffed to have been involved :-)

Also definitely worth checking out the picture's of Moncho Ediciones 'Amigas que engordan' because they are really rather great.

Illustrating contributers:
Ana Galván
Anke Weckmann
Annalisa Papagna
Astrid Yskout
Bubi Au Yeung
Camilla Engman
Denise Holmes
Flora Chang
Gal Shkedi
Gemma Correll
Jim Pluk Sanabria
Luisa Uribe
Matte Stephens
Mike Lowery
Natascha Rosenberg
Oliver Jeffers
Pilipo Giordano
Simone Mendes
Steph Says Hello
We love patterns
Yara Kono

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  1. Elwood is so adorable!!!! Can't wait to see the book. : )