travelling menagerie exhibition

(firstly- quick apologies for anyone who has tried to get on my website over the last couple of days. it's being updated and i thought it would have one of those 'under construction' pages up, but apparently it's just been up there looking a bit half finished and pants. should be up and more coherent soon... (ahem. fingers crossed!)

here are some photos courtesy of kate at falmouth's here and now of the girl's who draw exhibition opening. all went really well, and special cheers to karoline and helen for putting up that extremely fiddly but ace looking frosted window vinyl! the exhibition will be up all month if you fancy having a gander, or treating yourself to some cards/badges/zines we managed to fill the shop with. thanks to here for having us!

also making his first appearance is badger cunningham, fox noir


  1. The exhibition looks really wonderful!

  2. cheers lisa- really love your work!