New girls who draw! And etsy re-opening!

Happy Wednesday evening chums! The brand spanking new girls who draw postcard book is hot off the press, and this time to the tune of "Magic" (a bit like Mick Smiley's saucy hit, which you may remember from the first Ghostbusters film...)

This time featuring 22 postcards from 11 illustrators including:
Karoline Rerrie, Anke Weckmann, Gemma Correll, Mary Kilvert, Beth Morrison, Alys Paterson, Yee Ting Kuit, Sarah Ray, Ruth Green, Currentstate, and myself.

You may have also noticed I had a stab at the cover as well. Nerve-wracking times! The book will be available at various independent stockists up and down, here and there, and also everyone's on online shops (mine of which I have just restocked and reopened, so please feel free to have a little snoop...)

Find out more at

Cheers! x


  1. This is so Funny..i love your wolf!

  2. Love your cover design and postcards Kate! Mary x

  3. I just saw the words 'Magic' and 'Mick Smiley' and I was hooked! KF