something's afoot...

A little quiet on the posting front again due to a very busy few weeks doodling. But here is a little note of what is happening over the next few weeks:

As if yesterday a few of us Birmingham based girls who draw have a wee exhibition at Solihull Arts Complex cafe. So if you are passing make sure to grab a bit of tea, cake, and doodle gandering.

On Sunday 23rd November, myself and Karoline Rerrie will be running a little GWD stall at the Bust Christmas Craftacular in Bethnal Green. The event is sure to involve much craft and merry making. A list of vendors and goings on can be found here. I'm particularly looking forward to having a snoop at fine city friends and Sarah Kerry's mightily super giant knitted biscuits.

...And finally a chrimbo party and exhibition thrown by the lovely chaps that are inkygoodness and dreamboat records. Head down to Start the Bus in Bristol as of the 10th December. A festive treat for your peepers and king lears!

Confirmed artists: Ben Javens/Ben Steers/Cami Dobrin/Carlos Garde-Martin/Colourbox/ Darren John/Dave Bain/Hannah Baber/Jason Devine/ Kate Hindley/Kraggy/Leila Shetty/Lisa Hassell/Log Roper/Matt Saunders/ Iain Stellar/ Michelle Turton/Middleboop/Mister Millerchip/Muxxi/Rainbow Donkeys/Seb Burnett/Simon David Mills/Sarah Dennis/Steph Baxter/Stephen Chan/Steve Rack & Toy Factory


  1. Never realised when I decided to follow your blog that you were a fellow West Midlandser! If I wasn't now in Devon I'd have been sure to stop by Solihull.

    Good luck with it and maybe a chance to get involved in the future?

  2. Hallo! Always good to meet a fellow Midlander! Definitely muchly open to any future Brum based collabs. A bit jealous that you live in Devon now though :-)