Inkygoodness at Pictoplasma!

Hallo and a very belated happy new year to you! Lots of exciting things coming up starting with the great Inkygoodness news!

It will be the group's first international exhibition. Work for "Character Totem" will be starting this weekend at Vibe bar in Shoreditch, where artists such as Mr Millerchip, Steven Silverwood, and McBess will be drawing live onto lovingly crafted totem poles (crikey!).

If can't make it to the London event, then you can catch the live drawing action at either the Tabacco Factory (Bristol- where I'll be, 5th March) or Cord (Manchester, 12th March). All the resulting works will be exhibited as part of the Pictoplasma character walk in Berlin this April.

For more information please visit the Inkygoodness site. Or find out more about this year's Pictoplasma event, and our gallery space.


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