UK Handmade

The very kind Anna at UK Handmade has published an interview with me about my illustration and crafty things. I've tried very hard not to waffle, and tried keep my bumbling parenthesis to a minimum. If you haven't visited the site before I urge that you go and investigate. There are some really good articles from UK artists and makers, including the superb Robin and Mould. There are also lots of handy things to have a go at making, and a rather good looking recipe for pumpkin drop scones (which I am going to attempt this weekend!)


  1. Congrats on the interview, it's richly deserved! Glad to have stopped by your blog, I'm really liking the loose, geometric shapes in, and the handmade feel of your work. Grand... bookmarked!

  2. hello! have a very cool blog, congratulations! I leave my blog for you to visit and / or follow

    Greetings from Spain and ... congratulations!