Squidballs exhibition

I'm pleased to say that I will be taking part in a show at the end of June called "Squidballs", organised by the lovely chaps at Rumpus Animation.
The show will start in Osaka (here) on Thursday 28th June, and then move to Tokyo the following weekend to the Irie Yawd Gallery.

Exhibitors include:

(Yup, they're all a bit natty aren't they? I'm hoping they wont duff up my girly woodland creatures and steal their wasabi pea money...)
I'm currently working on a couple of new prints especially for the occassion. Here are a some of snippets of the work in progress:

For more information on the show you can visit the facebook page I think. Its being updated as we speak.
Also, Seb has a couple of spooky looking sticker books coming out with Usborne in the Autumn. Keep an eye out- they look smashing!