Girls Who Draw: Mythical Creatrues

The new Girls Who Draw postcard book is finally finished! This time to the tune of Mythical Creatures. This beautiful cover was designed by the mega talented Kristyna Baczynski.

There are 24 postcards by 12 different illustrators, including some very exciting new additions:
Karoline Rerrie
and myself.

My first card is based on Ratatoskr. You can read all about him here. He's a mischievous squirrel from Norse Mythology who spends all his time running up and down the tree spreading gossip. 

My second is Gullinbursti. I've gone a bit Norse Mythology mad over the past couple of months. I think  this chap is my favourite character. He's a boar with a golden bristles that glow in the dark!

You can buy the book from all of the girls own online shops, and of course, my etsy.

Many thanks to Karoline for organising another great project, and Tuckey Print in Birmingham for a great job!


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