Worst In Show

Whoppingly humongous monster news! I am exceedingly chuffed to announce that I am working on a new picture book with the superb William Bee and Walker Books. I'm a big fan of WB's picture books (and fine appreciation for steam engines) so it is very exciting to have the chance to work on this project. Many thanks to him and the lovely Walker Books!

Entitled 'Worst in Show' it's all about a boy - Albert - and his pet monster - Sidney - and their sad and pathetic attempts to win 'The Best Pet Monster in the World Competition.'

This is how my studio floor looked for the most of last week as I started to doodle up my first rough plan. Lots of very busy and important planning to be done!



  1. That is super duper exciting - congrats Kate! You and Mr Bee with make a fab team... X

  2. Lovely news Kate, look forward to seeing the results!

  3. Wow, superb news! Congratulations and best of luck... a creative marriage made in heaven!

  4. Our family really enjoys the droll humor of Bee's books. Looking forward to your collaboration!
    (Any possibility of a U.S. publisher for this book or for The Great Snortle Hunt?)