Tiny Pencil Summer Zine

I was proper chuffed last week to get my hands on a copy of the Tiny Pencil Summer Zine.

This extremely limited mini-zine set comes with three individually themed zines featuring comics and activities by over 25+ artists. Altogether, there's over 72 pages of gorgeously pencil-drawn, colour-coordinated comics, games, and activities for all ages and interests!

The fantastic mini zine covers where designed by Jerwood Drawing prize-nominated artist Eleanor Taylor, and box designed by the brilliant kristyna baczynski . 

Here's a wee sneak peek:

And here's a little shot of my spread:

Massive thanks to Kat Chapman and Amber Hsu who put together all the Tiny Pencil projects. You can visit here to find out more about Tiny Pencil (you'll find some great artist interviews too), or visit here to buy the zines and prints.


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